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  • Venerdì 24 Marzo 2023
  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Energy Transition Arena pad.B5
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A cura di: EUPD Research

During this engaging conference, experts from EUPD Research and its partners will present exclusive data from the Global Energy Transition (GET) Matrix about the PV market developments in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. The GET Matrix is a market intelligence and data analytics platform with insights into the latest solar developments, the electricity markets, regulatory changes and much more in 50+ global PV markets.
Focusing on the Mediterranean area, this data-driven session will keep attendees on top of latest PV trends and future market forecasts in times of a competitive environment. As information is key to leveraging the most of a company’s strategy, the topics will help to develop a clear market understanding and establish vibrant business in the respective countries.


10:00 AM  Market Insight Presentation: Past, Present & Future of the Italian PV Market 
                Speaker: Saif Islam, EUPD Research

10:15 AM  Assessment of Mediterranean Solar Markets - Key Performance Indicator Overview
                Speaker: Gary Yuan, EUPD Research

10:30 AM Long-duration, Secure and Sustainable Battery Solutions for 24/7 Renewable Energy – Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries for Mediterranean Region
                Speaker: Juan-Carlos Mejia, Enerox GmbH

10:45 AM  The Diversity of Photovoltaic Systems 
                Speaker: Andrea Tedesco, INTEC Energy Solutions 

11:00 AM  Trends, Forecast and New Technology Brought to the Italian Market
                Speaker: Marcin Ślęzak, Menlo Electric 

11:15 AM  How the Mediterranean Energy Transition can be Supported by Micro PV Installations
                Speaker: Tomasz Grnyo, TSUNESS Co.,Ltd 

11:30 AM  The Italian PV Market: Trends and Developments
                Speaker: Giovanni Marino, Growatt Italia

11:45 AM  Residential Energy Storage Systems: Market & Technology Outlook in Southern Europe
                Speaker: Alessandro Benetello, Solinteg GmbH

12:00 PM  Technological Approach to Meet High Clean Energy Demand in the Mediterranean Region 
Speaker: James Jiang, Bluetti Energy Italy S.R.L.    

12:15 PM  The “Power” of Aggregation: BESS Business Models
Speaker: Marco Indelicato, AlphaESS Italy 

12:30 PM  From Balcony Systems to Complete Solar Packages – Tackling Italy’s Residential Market
Speaker: Gioia Xiao, Sunova Solar

12:45 PM  Solar Technology & Solution for Residential PV
Speaker: Truman Huang, Eging PV

1:00 PM   Closing